Tetra WebBBS

Beta versions available for Tetra WebBBS 6.20 and TetraBB PRO 0.30


Time for new versions again!

Beta versions are available for both, Tetra WebBBS 6.20 and TetraBB PRO 0.30. The new set of versions is running stable for some time now here on this site and on another forum site, which is a really busy location.

Tetra WebBBS 6.20 Beta is available on the download page. Docs are not yet updated. However, setup is the same as it was for all prior version. Everybody familiar with this software shouldn't encounter any problems to set it up. Those who don't know how to set the thing up probably should wait for the final to be released as soon as the docs are ready.
This Beta should be stable to be run for testing and production forums. However, if you run it on a production forum, then keep a close look. In case of unpredictable trouble you can always roll back and forth with prior 6.1x versions because datastructures have not changed. If you're using any plugin or tool, please ensure to use their new versions. They are listed in the Beta section on the download page .

TetraBB PRO 0.30 is available on request. If you're interested, please drop me a note via contact form.

Now let's see what's new :)

Tetra WebBBS 6.20

  • Ready for TetraBB PRO 0.30 extension. Features see below
  • Max-Posts-Per-Day
    A new feature to limit the maximum number of posts submitted by a single user within a configurable time frame.
    Feature sponsored by Rus. Thanks a lot Rus!
  • Optional configuration to determine which DBM database module will be used by the forum. This may help in cases where the host provides a badly configured DB_File or Berkeley Database backend
  • New extended configuration for $AllowURLs, $AllowPics, $AllowUserPicsUpload and $AllowEmailNotices.
    If those variables are set to '2' the corresponding feature is only available for new topics but no longer for responses. This is helpful to allow full-featured threadstarting posts but simplify posting of responses, AKA limit them to simple "comments".
  • New feature of custom callbacks as a customizable replacement for the routine calculating the filename used for profile datafiles. A helpfull feature for those users who are running forums in languages other than English.
  • Quite a few changes and fixes under the hood.

TetraBB PRO 0.30

The major topic of this PRO version is to add a photogallery feature to the forums. Actually it's a set of new features which are all related to images uploaded with posts. Of course all subfeatures are optional and configurable. Here is a brief list:

  • Automatic resizing of images uploaded with posts.
    This is a great help for those posters who don't know how to resize their images for the web.
  • Thumbnail created automatically for what's considered the "main" image of a post.
  • A new "Gallery Index" as an alternate message list to allow browsing forums by photos rather than subject titles. Configurable of course. Please check it out on the demo site.
  • Optional private "User Galleries" for registered users.
  • Optional private "Albums" which allow to sort images in the User Gallery.

For more details please follow these links:
Download page
Setup guide for Tetra-WebBBS

In case you encounter problems:
Consider hassle-free install service. Get in touch via contact form.
Free community support is available on Support Forum.