Tetra WebBBS Documentation

Customize your forums colors

Tetra-WebBBS is on full CSS. Changing any colors for background, fonts, links and borders is done by CSS.

If you're absolutely new to CSS consider reading this FAQ.
If you got in touch with CSS before and/or want to learn by doing, this document should get you going with the basics.
If none of the above applies to you, consider getting hands-on support.

Here is a brief instruction on how to get started changing your forums colors:

(1) Read this FAQ. Then come back here and proceed.

(2) Open the folder /webbbs/css. Inside are two files, webbbs.css and site.css.

(3) Open webbbs.css.
Find the two lines of comments, marked italic in the following example.
Copy everything between these two lines to site.css (marked blue in the example).


/* ALL output border-colors, background-colors and visited-link colors */

Several paragraphs and listings defining CSS for all sort of elements used by the forums.
Copy the stuff between the two italic lines stuff over to site.css

/* END ALL output border-colors, background-colors and visited-link colors */

(4) Apply your changes to site.css
Change whatever you want in the code in site.css. Save the file and upload to your server.

(5) Done.
Your forums should pick up the changed colors.
If not, check see if Meta.txt holds a correct reference to site.css. Reread the FAQ mentioned above and go through all of the above steps once more.

Do NOT change webbbs.css. Copy stuff over to site.css and apply changes only to site.css. This will save you a lot of time on the next upgrade!!